Infinite Monsters

Infinite Monsters

Dodge waves of endless monsters as you blow them apart in an effort to take down the evil box.

Rating: 9   

Plays: 39304
Achievements   (Sign Up to complete Achievements)
Monster Killer   (5 points)
Kill 400 monsters total

Rich Man   (9 points)
Hold $1500 at once

Weapon Master   (12 points)
Purchase all available weapons


     2016-01-10 07:14:21
  ms.djoemena   2014-02-07 12:10:22
  milan13   2013-11-07 07:25:57
 jó játék
  joshualpers   2013-08-28 09:11:55
 this game is wic kid osom guys try this game out
  Nikows   2013-07-26 05:54:42
 I nowd how to jump a long time ago!
  wojtek21   2013-07-07 06:48:04
 nikola is polish name nicola is anglish -_-
  Nikola   2013-03-24 10:37:22
 how do you jump?????!