Pixel Hopper

Pixel Hopper

Jump and shoot your way to the end of the level. But watch, every time you loose health the graphics will decrease in quality!

Rating: 8   

Plays: 22312
Achievements   (Sign Up to complete Achievements)
Pixel Hoppin   (4 points)
Complete the first stage

All Pixel Levels   (10 points)
Complete all the stages


     2015-04-25 03:48:25
     2014-04-30 10:21:54
  roysucky   2014-04-04 23:05:19
 theres heaps of glitches horrible game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Ross24   2014-01-11 10:33:16
 this game rarting out of 10 I RATE THIS GAME 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000its boring
  fernando haro    2013-09-04 19:00:10
 que juego tan tonto
  killarr   2013-08-19 18:12:23
 i dont even like dis game but i really completed first achivement to just have 4 pts..
  killeron   2013-08-11 03:27:46
 level 1 in 10 minutes why why is the world so cruel why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!